Катарина Хауард — разлика између измена

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== Литература ==
* -{''Katherine Howard'' by Jessica Smith (1972)
* ''Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: Feminist Reinterpretation of the Wives of Henry VIII'' by Karen Lindsey (1995). ({{page|year=|id=ISBN 0-201-40823-6)|pages=}}
* ''Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIII'' (reprinted 2004) by David Starkey. ({{page|year=|id=ISBN 0-06-000550-5)|pages=}}
* ''The Six Wives of Henry VIII'' by Alison Weir (1993). ({{page|year=|id=ISBN 0-8021-3683-4)|pages=}}
* ''A Tudor tragedy: The life and times of Catherine Howard'' by Lacey Baldwin Smith (1961)
* ''Katherine Howard: A Tudor Conspiracy'' by Joanna Denny (2005)
* ''Sex with the Queen'' by Eleanor Herman (2006). ({{page|year=|id=ISBN 0-06-084673-9)|pages=}}
* {{citeCite book |ref= harv|last=Wheeler|first=Elisabeth|year=2008|isbn=978-1-872882-01-7|title=Men of Power: court intrigue in the life of Catherine Howard|author=Elisabeth Wheeler|year=2008|isbn=978-1-872882-01-7|pages=}}
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