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Working out conservation strategies for some species of nightjar presents a particular challenge common to other hard-to-see families of birds; in a few cases, scientists do not have enough data on whether a bird is rare or not. This has nothing to do with any lack of effort. It reflects, rather, the difficulty in locating and identifying a small number of those species of birds among the 10,000 or so that exist in the world, given the limitations of human beings. A perfect example is the [[Vaurie's nightjar]] in [[China]]'s south-western [[Xinjiang]]. It has been seen for certain only once, in 1929, a specimen that was held in the hand. Surveys in the 1970s and 1990s failed to find it.<ref>''[[Handbook of the Birds of the World]]'', Volume 5, [[Birdlife International]]/[[Lynx Edicions]], 1999</ref> It is perfectly possible that it has evolved as a species that can really be identified in the wild only by other Vaurie's nightjars, rather than by humans. As a result, scientists do not know whether it is extinct, endangered, or even locally common.
==In History & Popular culture==
* Nighthawk as a name has been applied to numerous places, characters, and objects throughout history; see: [[Nighthawk (disambiguation)]]
* [[Nebraska]]'s [[List of U.S. state nicknames|state nickname]] was once the "Bugeater State" and [[List of demonyms for U.S. states and territories|its people were known as]] "bugeaters" (likely named after the [[Common nighthawk]]).<ref>http://www.netstate.com/states/intro/ne_intro.htm</ref><ref name>Nancy Capace, Encyclopedia of Nebraska. Somerset Publishers, Inc., Jan 1, 1999, p2-3</ref><ref name="NebraskaBug">{{cite book |title=U. S. An Index to the United States of America: Historical, Geographical and Political. A Handbook of Reference Combining the "curious" in U. S. History |url=https://books.google.com/books?id=V5dPAAAAYAAJ |location=Boston, MA |publisher=D. Lothrop Company |page=77 |date=1890 |isbn=}}</ref> The [[Nebraska Cornhuskers]] college athletic teams were also briefly known the Bugeaters, before adopting their current name, which was also adopted by the state as a whole.
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