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Научно истраживање пећина и јама може се искористити у изградњи [[тунел]]а и путева, у искоришћавању подземних резервоара [[Вода|воде]] за снабдевање становништва, у уређењу пећина за [[Туризам|туристичке]] посете и сл.
== Историја ==
Prior to the mid-nineteenth century the scientific value of caves was considered only in its contribution to other branches of science, and cave studies were considered part of the larger disciplines of [[geography]], [[geology]] or [[archaeology]]. Very little cave-specific study was undertaken prior to the work of [[Édouard-Alfred Martel]] (1859–1938), the 'father of modern speleology', who through his extensive and well-publicised cave explorations introduced in France the concept of speleology as a distinct area of study. In 1895 Martel founded the Société de Spéléologie, the first organization devoted to cave science in the world.
The growth of speleology is directly linked with that of the sport of [[caving]], both because of the stimulation of public interest and awareness, and the fact that most speleological field-work has been conducted by sport [[caver]]s.
== Опрема ==
Циљ oprемања објекта јесте да се ужарија причврсти на стену тако да спелеолози могу да се крећу по објекту на безбедан начин.
== ИзвориРеференце ==
== Литература ==
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