Борилачке вјештине — разлика између измена

Разне исправке
м (ciscenje dupliranih poziva)
м (Разне исправке)
* [http://www.actaperiodica.org/ Acta Periodica Duellatorum], a peer-reviewed journal of historical European martial arts research
* [http://www.freifechter.com/about_us Meyer Freifechter Guild], International Fencing Guild with a mission to educate people on the efficacy and art of Medieval & Renaissance martial arts.
* [http://www.ejmas.com/kronos/NewHist1350-1699.htm A Chronological History of the Martial arts and Combative Sports 1350–16991350–1699] by Joseph R. Svinth
* [http://onfencing.com Historical European Martial Arts: Studies & Sources.] On-line historical and literary magazine for Russian speaking and partly for English speaking readers.