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* {{Cite book|ref=harv| last=Stewart| first = Robert| title = An Introduction to Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint and Palestrina's Musical Style| location = | publisher = Ardsley House, Publishers|year=1994|isbn=978-1-880157-07-7|pages=}}
* {{Cite book|ref=harv|author = [[R. J. Stove|Stove, R. J.]]| title = Prince of Music: Palestrina and His World| location = | publisher = Quakers Hill Press, Sydney|year=1990|isbn=978-0-7316-8792-3|pages=}} (biographical rather than musicological in nature; is wholly devoid of staff-notation extracts; but corrects some errors found in Z. K. Pyne and elsewhere).
* {{cite book|author=Swindale, Owen, ''|title=Polyphonic Composition'', |location=|publisher=Oxford University Press, |year=1962|id=|pages=}}. (Out of print, no available.)