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== Литература ==
* Cordingly, David (1995). ''Under the Black Flag: The Romance and Reality of Life Among the Pirates''. ISBN 978-0-679-42560-81
* Letley, Emma, ed. (1998). ''Treasure Island (Oxford World's Classics)''. ISBN 978-0-19-283380-48
* Pietsch, Roland (2010). ''The Real Jim Hawkins: Ships' Boys in the Georgian Navy''. ISBN 978-1-84832-036-9.
* Reed, Thomas L. (2006). ''The Transforming Draught: Jekyll and Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson, and the Victorian Alcohol Debate''. ISBN 978-0-7864-2648-95
* Watson, Harold (1969). ''Coasts of Treasure Island;: A study of the backgrounds and sources for Robert Louis Stevenson's romance of the sea''. ISBN 978-0-8111-0282-37
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