Шаблон:Mbox/док — разлика између измена

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{{Mbox templates (small)}}
{{tl|Mbox}} ("['''M''']ulti-namespace message['''box''']") is a [[Help:Metatemplating|metatemplate]] with which [[Wikipedia:Namespace|namespace]]-sensitive {{clлинк категорије|Mbox and messagebox templates|messagebox templates}} can be implemented. The most common of these are {{tl|Ambox}} for articles, {{tl|Tmbox}} for talk pages, {{tl|Imbox}} for file (formerly image) pages, {{tl|Cmbox}} for category pages and {{tl|Ombox}} for other types of page.
Note that this template should only be used for message boxes that really need to adapt their style. Most message boxes do not need this and should use one of the varieties just listed. Using those templates directly means that your template will look the same on its template page and at any other place you show it, which makes it clear on what kind of pages it is supposed to be used. It also gives you access to any extra features those templates offer, and it saves some server load.