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* '''Ship class''', supplied by WD property [[:d:Property:P289|d:ship class]]
When the infobox is rendered in an article, those parameters that use Wikidata property values will display an icon ([[File:Wikidata-favicon.png|16px|alt=Imported from Wikidata|link={{fullurl:d:Wikidata:Main_Page}}]]) linked to the Wikidata source page. Articles using Wikidata properties are listed in {{clлинк категорије|Ship infoboxes importing Wikidata}}.
If an imported value is inappropriate or wrong, the corresponding Wikidata item should be corrected. The template code will only display a parameter's label and value if the parameter has an assigned value, whether provided locally or provided by Wikidata. If display of a Wikidata property value is not appropriate or desired, use the reserved value <code>none</code> as the parameter value to block Wikdata import. Articles blocking Wikdata property import are listed in {{clлинк категорије|Ship infoboxes blocking Wikidata import}}.
===Removing extra fields===