Историја Русије — разлика између измена

====Други светски рат====
{{Посебан чланак|Источни фронт (Други светски рат)}}
[[Слика:Soviet Reichstag.gif|мини|десно|250п|MarkingКао theзнак Soviet Union's victoryпобеде, aруски soldierвојник raisesподиже theсовјетску Sovietзасраву flagнад overнемачким theРајстагом, Germanу ReichstagБерлину, inпрестоници the Nazi capital,нацистичке BerlinНемачке.]]
Till 1939 the USSR was in strong opposition to nazi Germany, supported republicans of Spain who struggled against German and Italian troops. However in 1938 Germany signed the Munich treaty together with the Western Powers and together with Poland divided Czechoslovakia. The Soviet government being afraid of a German attack to the USSR began diplomatic maneuvers. In 1939 Poland refused to participate in any measures of collective safety and then USSR signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Nazi Germany. On September, 17 1939 when German armies were in 150 kilometers from the Soviet border, the Soviet army invaded eastern portions of Poland populated ethnic Ukrainians and Belorussians. USSR fought a war with Finland known as the [[Winter War]] (1939–40). It was won by the Soviet Union, the aggressor, which gained part of the [[Karelian Isthmus]]. Despite Stalin's efforts to stay out of a war against Germany, Germany declared war on the Soviet Union and swept across the border on [[June 22]], [[1941]]. By November the German army had seized Ukraine, begun its [[siege of Leningrad]], and threatened to capture the capital, Moscow, itself.