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What about me ? Nothing new. I'm alone in my office and I haven't some work to do so I can contribute to Wikipedia all the day (you can see that I translated [http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A9publique_serbe_de_Krajina Republic of Serb Krajina] and [http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republika_Srpska Republika Srpska] from english wikipedia). About this : you wrote to the government of Republika Srpska about the 7 regions, do you have any answer?</br>
Write me soon Boris, all the best my friend and take care about sunburn ;) [[Корисник:Rémih|Rémih]] 09:01, 4. август 2006. (CEST)
:Ah, Cuba! What a beautiful country. I hope that what's happening now can bring more democraty. You're very lucky. I spend my last holidays in Crete but the next may be in 2007, I haven't time and money :( Here, we have 2-3 weeks in July with 35°C but now, temperature drops about 20°, we have 15°C, it's cold and wet :( Well, it isn't important, i'm not working outdoor.
:I wish you to spend a very good august with your father, I guess you'll walk a lot in parks and you'll see beautiful landscapes.
:About RS, I saw in an official document of UN or another internationnal administration that RS don't have regions because majority of population is serbian. But I don't manage to find this reference a second time.
:Enjoy your holidays before university (what do you study?) and I wish you all the best. [[Корисник:Rémih|Rémih]] 12:39, 5. август 2006. (CEST)
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