Википедија:Шта значи „Игнориши сва правила“ — разлика између измена

Be careful about citing this principle too aggressively. While it's quite acceptable to explain your own actions by saying, "it seemed like [[WP:COMMON|common sense]] to me," you should be careful not to imply that other editors are ''lacking'' in common sense, which may be seen as [[Wikipedia:Civility|uncivil]]. [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedian]]s come from diverse ethnic, religious, political, cultural and ideological backgrounds and have vastly different perceptions regarding everything from science to shoe shopping. Other editors are likely to ascribe very different meanings and values to words and concepts than you, so try to state your arguments as fully as possible. Citing concrete [[WP:policies and guidelines|policies and guidelines]] is likely to be more effective than simply citing "common sense" and leaving it at that.
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