Википедија:Најчешћа питања — разлика између измена

нема резимеа измене
== Основна НПП ==
==<span id="CREATE"/>How do I create a new page?==
:You are required to have a Wikipedia account to create a new article— you can [[WP:SIGNUP|register here]]. To see other benefits to creating an account, see [[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|Why create an account?]]
*[[Википедија:НПП/Преглед|Преглед]] – Основна питања о пројекту Википедија
:For creating a new article see [[Wikipedia:Your first article]] and [[Wikipedia:Article development]]; and you may wish to try the [[Wikipedia:Article wizard|Article Wizard]]. For creating a new page in your userspace see [[Wikipedia:User pages#User pages and user space|How do I create a user subpage?]]; or use the [[Wikipedia:Article wizard|Article Wizard]], which has an option for that. Make sure that there is enough context and it is notable.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Читачи|Читачи]] – Тражење, читање и коришћење материјала на Википедији.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Школа|Образовање]] – Коришћење Википедије у учионоци.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Доприноси|Доприноси]] – Зашто да доприносите Википедији, и како да почнете.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Уређивање|Уређивање]] – Шта је дозвољено, а шта није при писању и уређивању чланака на Википедији.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Администратори|Администратори]] – Шта је то администратор, админ статус, и администрација сервера..
*[[Википедија:НПП/Техника|Теничка питања]] – Питања о Википедија софтверу и хардверу и њиховим ограничењима.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Ауторска права|Ауторска права]] – Питања о ауторским правима.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Проблеми|Проблеми]] – Питања о прошлим или будућим потешкоћама и критеријума везаним за Википедију.
*[[Википедија:НПП/Разно|Разно]] – Све остало
==<span id="DELETE"/>Why was my article deleted?==
== Најчешће постављана питања ==
:The best way to find out is to look at the [[Special:Log/delete|deletion log]] for reasons (type the ''exact'' name of the article in the Title box, including the capitalization you used). For more information, see: [[Wikipedia:Why was my page deleted?|Why was my page deleted?]]
==<span id="NAME"/>How do I change the name of an article?==
:You [[Help:Moving a page|move]] the article using the "move" button (to the right of the "edit this page" button). But in order to do this you must have an account that has reached [[WP:AUTOCONFIRMED|autoconfirmed]] status, meaning it must be at least four days old and have made at least ten edits. If you are not an autoconfirmed user, or the move is controversial, or the page you wish to rename is [[WP:PROTECT|move protected]], visit [[Wikipedia:Requested moves]]. You may also [[Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed|request]] to have an admin grant you confirmed status.
==<span id="CHANGE"/>How do I change my username/delete my account?==
:For changing your username see [[Wikipedia:Changing username]].
:A username cannot be deleted. If a username was deleted, all the edits made by the user could not be properly attributed. You can, however, [[Wikipedia:Changing username|change your username]], and request that your userpage be deleted by placing {{tl|db-user}} on the top of the page. See also [[Wikipedia:Right to vanish]].
==<span id="CITE"/>How do I cite Wikipedia?==
:See [[Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia]] for details.
==<span id="PUB"/>When was Wikipedia last published?==
:Wikipedia is not a printed encyclopedia. If you are asking this question because you wanted to cite a certain revision of a Wikipedia article, you can see the page [[Wikipedia:Citing Wikipedia|Citing Wikipedia]].
==<span id="WROTE"/>Who writes the articles on Wikipedia?==
:Almost all articles on Wikipedia are written by multiple editors, not just one. If you click on the "[[Help:Page history|View history]]" tab at the top of an article, a list will be displayed of all the contributors to the article and when their contribution was made. If your purpose is to cite Wikipedia, see the question above. See [[Wikipedia:Who writes Wikipedia|Who writes Wikipedia]] for further details.
==<span id="OWN"/>Who owns Wikipedia?==
:See [[Wikipedia:Overview FAQ#Who owns Wikipedia?|who owns Wikipedia]] for details.
==<span id="LOG"/>Why am I having trouble logging in?==
:See [[Help:Logging in#How to log in|Help:Logging in]] for details.
==<span id="HIT"/>Are page hit counters available?==
: There is a [http://stats.grok.se third party site], not maintained by Wikipedia, which currently allows you to view page hit counts since December 2007. Toplists by year, up to 2009, are available [http://wikistics.falsikon.de/ here].
: The built in feature to count how many times a page has been visited has been turned off for performance reasons. For more details please see [[Wikipedia:Technical FAQ#Can I add a page hit counter to a Wikipedia page?]]
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