Википедија:Најчешћа питања — разлика између измена

==<span id="наслов"/>Како да променим наслов чланка?==
:YouЧланак можете [[HelpПомоћ:MovingПремештање a pageстранице|moveпреместити]] the article usingуз theпомоћ "move"дугмета button„премести“ (to the right of the "edit this page" button). But in order to do this you must have an account that has reached [[WP:AUTOCONFIRMED|autoconfirmed]] status, meaning it must be at least four days old and have made at least ten edits. If you are not an autoconfirmed user, or the move is controversial, or the page you wish to rename is [[WP:PROTECT|move protected]], visit [[Wikipedia:Requested moves]]. You may also [[Wikipedia:Requests for permissions/Confirmed|request]] to have an admin grant you confirmed status.
==<span id="променим"/>Како да променим корисничко име/обришем налог?==