Википедија:Навођење извора у тексту — разлика између измена

This is a valid inline citation for Wikipedia's purposes—it permits the reader to identify which source supports the material—but it is normally used in addition to some other system of inline citation for quotations, close paraphrasing, and anything contentious or distinctive, where the editor wants to draw attention to the source's name in the article.
== Када морате користити референце у тексту? ==
== When you must use inline citations ==
Wikipedia's content policies require an inline citation to a reliable source for only the following four types of statements:
* For [[WP:Featured articles]], see [[WP:When to cite]].
===Количина референци у тексту===
===Citation density===
Wikipedia does not have a "one inline citation per sentence" or "one citation per paragraph" rule, even for [[WP:FA|featured articles]]. Wikipedia requires inline citations based on the ''content'', not on the [[grammar]] and composition elements. Some articles (e.g., articles about controversial people) will require inline citations after nearly every sentence. Some sections (e.g., dense technical subjects) may even require more than one inline citation per sentence. Others may not require any inline citations at all.
Everything in that paragraph deals with the same, single subject from the same source and can therefore be supported by a single inline citation. The inline citation could be placed at any sensible location, but the end of the paragraph is the most common choice. If a subsequent editor adds information from another source to this paragraph, then it is the subsequent editor's job to organize the citations to make their relationship between the text and the sources clear, so that we maintain [[WP:INTEGRITY|text-source integrity]].
===Интегритет референци у тексту===
===Text-source integrity===
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{{see|WP:INTEGRITY|Wikipedia:When to cite}}
Using inline citations, even for statements that are not [[WP:MINREF|absolutely required to have inline citations]], helps Wikipedia maintain [[WP:INTEGRITY|text-source integrity]]. Using inline citations allows other people to quickly determine whether the material is verifiable.