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==Bot problem==
Hello. Your bot made a mistake. On [[Шаблон:Афрички куп нација]] he added bs: translate (for bosnian wiki) but he choose the wrong article. On bosnian wiki he choose qualification for WC in football (soccer) instead of African cup of nations ... --[[Корисник:Zeleni zec|Zeleni zec ]] ([[Разговор са корисником:Zeleni zec|разговор]]) 01:48, 26. мај 2012. (CEST)
:The wrong interwiki to dewiki which caused this problem was added by Toni in 2010 [http://bs.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=%C5%A0ablon:Kvalifikacije_za_Svjetsko_prvenstvo_u_nogometu&diff=prev&oldid=1099151]. [[Корисник:Merlissimo|Merlissimo]] ([[Разговор са корисником:Merlissimo|разговор]]) 03:09, 26. мај 2012. (CEST)