Сабирач (електроника) — разлика између измена

м (Dcirovic је преместио страницу Сабирачи (elektronika) на Сабирач (електроника))
==Спољашње везе==
* [http://www.aoki.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp/arith/mg/algorithm.html -{Hardware algorithms for arithmetic modules], includes description of several adder layouts with figures.}-
* [http://dev.code.ultimater.net/electronics/8-bit-full-adder-and-subtractor/ -{8-bit Full Adder and Subtractor], a demonstration of an interactive Full Adder built in JavaScript solely for learning purposes.}-
* [http://teahlab.com/Full_Adder/ -{Interactive Full Adder Simulation], Interactive Full Adder circuit constructed with Teahlab's online circuit simulator.}-
* [http://teahlab.com/Half_Adder/ -{Interactive Half Adder Simulation], Half Adder circuit built with Teahlab's circuit simulator.}-
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