Разговор о Википедији:Тим/Фудбал — разлика између измена

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:So if I've understood it all, FR Yugoslavia (1992-2003), Serbia & Montenegro and Serbia are considered as one contry, but this conutry is considered different from SFR Yugoslavia (1918-1992), is it all right? --Gila89 17:33, 20. октобар 2011. (CEST)
==Help translate from English==
Hello. I am Xaris333 from Cyprus. I speak Greek and English. Can you help me translate 2 paragraphs from English to your language, about a football team? Pls answer at my talk page. [[Корисник:Xaris333|Xaris333]] ([[Разговор са корисником:Xaris333|разговор]]) 02:57, 6. децембар 2013. (CET)