"Bad" revertУреди

My revert was not "bad", as you call it. Before you continue to insert wrong information in the article, please, take your time and read the text at the links you provided - you are adding symbols in the "obsolete letters" table, and the text clearly identifies them as a ligature (stigma), a variant form of eta (heta) and a letter (sho) that was not used in Greek language. --BraneJ (spik) 11:55, 18. јул 2008. (CEST)[]

I did not revert you, i just protect article because of revert war. Please do as Branej told you. --Саша Стефановић ® 11:59, 18. јул 2008. (CEST)[]
Unicode is not a valid reference. --BraneJ (spik) 12:28, 18. јул 2008. (CEST)[]