Hi. Could you see your bot's user talk page again? Cheers! Crystal 128 galeon.pngБојан разговор 17:57, 19. август 2009. (CEST)

done and i10n for sr is updated ;-). Merlissimo (разговор) 18:24, 19. август 2009. (CEST)

Interwiki sort orderУреди

Please, don't do this. This was a subpage of a voting process. Don't move pages if you don't know what they are. --Јагода  испеци па реци 17:33, 8. фебруар 2012. (CET)

We changed the interwiki sort order confuguration, so that this is now locally defined and not by every bot operator. I though it was a good idea to move the table to the talk page of that local configuration because it is the basic source for this config i created here.
I'll add a notice to the local admins until the end of the month. Now you have to keep this list up to date locally by adding new language codes when a new one is approved by langcom. Then they can we can also discuss if they want to move the page back. Merlissimo (разговор) 18:12, 8. фебруар 2012. (CET)

Bot problemУреди

Hello. Your bot made a mistake. On Шаблон:Афрички куп нација he added bs: translate (for bosnian wiki) but he choose the wrong article. On bosnian wiki he choose qualification for WC in football (soccer) instead of African cup of nations ... --Zeleni zec (разговор) 01:48, 26. мај 2012. (CEST)

The wrong interwiki to dewiki which caused this problem was added by Toni in 2010 [1]. Merlissimo (разговор) 03:09, 26. мај 2012. (CEST)