Шаблон:Equation box 1

Документација шаблона

Type the equation in the blue box. Set box parameters: border thickness and colour, cell padding, and background colour. The full syntax is:

{{Equation box 1|indent|title|equation|ref|cellpadding|border|border colour|background colour}}


  1. Indent: either leave blank or type colon (:) to indent the box from the left side of the page.
  2. Title: leave blank or type title/name of equation
  3. Equation: type an equation in whatever form, usually <math> equation in LaTeX ... </math>. The default equation is the general form of a complex number.
  4. Ref: (optional) calls {{EquationRef}} with provided value as the parameter.
  5. Cellpadding: either leave blank (default is 5px) or type number to change the padding of the box around the equation (how much the box wraps around the equation, margins).
  6. Border: either leave blank (default is 2px) or Hex triplet to change thickness of border line.
  7. Border colour: either leave blank (default is light grey-blue, #ccccff) or type Hex triplet for the border line of the box.
  8. Background colour: either leave blank (default is white) or type colour code for the background area of the box.

See list of colours for use with the border and background colours. To use the parameters set the parameter equal to the value by using the equals sign.


Black/white theme
Complex number

{{Equation box 1 |title='''[[Complex number]]''' |indent=: |equation=<math>z=re^{i\phi}=x+iy \,\!</math> |cellpadding = 6 |border = 1 |border colour = black |background colour=white}}

Green theme

{{Equation box 1 |indent=: |equation=<math>z=re^{i\phi}=x+iy \,\!</math> |cellpadding |border |border colour = #50C878 |background colour = #ECFCF4}} }}

Blue theme

{{Equation box 1 |indent =: |title= |equation = <math>z=re^{i\phi}=x+iy \,\!</math> |cellpadding= 6 |border |border colour = #0073CF |background colour=#F5FFFA}}

With reference

2 × 2 = 4   (1)

{{Equation box 1 |equation = {{math|1=2 × 2 = 4}} |ref=1}}