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* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=Systematics and the origin of species, from the viewpoint of a zoologist |publisher=Harvard University Press |location=Cambridge |year=1942 |id=ISBN 978-0-674-86250-30 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=Animal Species and Evolution |publisher=Belknap Press |location=Cambridge, Mass |year= 1966|id=ISBN 978-0-674-03750-2 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=Populations, Species, and Evolution : An Abridgment of ''Animal Species and Evolution''|publisher=Belknap Press |location=Cambridge, Mass |year= |id=ISBN 978-0-674-69013-34 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=Evolution and the Diversity of Life : Selected Essays |publisher=Belknap Press |location=Cambridge, Mass |year= |id=ISBN 978-0-674-27105-X0 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=The Growth of Biological Thought: Diversity, Evolution, and Inheritance |publisher=Belknap Press |location=Cambridge, Mass |year= |id=ISBN 978-0-674-36446-52 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=Toward a New Philosophy of Biology: Observations of an Evolutionist |publisher=Harvard University Press |location=Cambridge |year= |id=ISBN 978-0-674-89666-16 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last1= Ashlock|first1= Peter D.|last2= Mayr|first2= Ernst |title=Principles of systematic zoology |publisher=McGraw-Hill |location=New York |year=1991 |id=ISBN 978-0-07-041144-19 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=One Long Argument: Charles Darwin and the Genesis of Modern Evolutionary Thought (Questions of Science) |publisher=Harvard University Press |location=Cambridge |year= |id=ISBN 978-0-674-63906-5 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=This is biology: the science of the living world |publisher=Belknap Press of Harvard University Press |location=Cambridge |year=1997 |id=ISBN 978-0-674-88469-84 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last1= Diamond|first1= Jared M.|last2= Mayr|first2= Ernst |title=The birds of northern Melanesia: speciation, ecology & biogeography |publisher=Oxford University Press |location=Oxford [Oxfordshire] |year=2001 |id=ISBN 978-0-19-514170-92 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=What evolution is |publisher=Basic Books |location=New York |year=2001 |id=ISBN 978-0-465-04426-39 |oclc= |doi=}}
* {{Cite book |ref= harv|last=Mayr|first=Ernst|title=What makes biology unique?: considerations on the autonomy of a scientific discipline |publisher=Cambridge University Press |location=Cambridge, UK |year=2004 |id=ISBN 978-0-521-84114-36 |oclc= |doi=}}
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