Датотека:Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists (Standard).jpg — разлика између измена

ознака: уређивање извора (2017)
== Лиценцирање ==
It is contended that the use of this album cover in [[Ten Thousand Fists]] qualifies as fair use for the following reasons:
# This image illustrates the cover of the album or associated single that is discussed in the article.
# The image is only a small portion of the overall product.
# This image can be used to identify the album or associated single that is the subject of this article.
# It does not limit the copyright owner's rights to market or sell the album in any way.
# The image is of lower resolution than the original cover.
# The image is being used in an informative way and does not detract from sales of the album.
# No free or public domain images have been located for this album.
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