Zoniranje — разлика између измена

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Planning rules may be defined differently for each zone, determining whether planning permission for a given development may be granted. Zoning may specify a variety of outright and conditional uses of land. It may indicate the size and dimensions of [[Land_lot|lots]] that land may be [[Subdivision_(land)|subdivided]] into, or the form and scale of buildings. These guidelines are set in order to guide urban growth and development.<ref>{{Cite book|title=Urban Stormwater Management in the United States|last=|first=|publisher=National Academy of Sciences|year=2009|isbn=|location=|pages=|quote=|via=}}</ref><ref name=":0">{{Cite book|title=Planning Canadian Communities|last=Hodge|first=Gerald|publisher=Thomson|year=2014|isbn=978-0-17-650982-8|location=Toronto|pages=388–390|quote=|via=}}</ref>
Zoning is the most common regulatory urban planning method used by local governments in developed countries.<ref>{{Cite book|title=Encyclopedia of the City|last=Caves|first=R. W.|publisher=Routledge|year=2004|isbn=978-0415862875|location=|pages=784}}</ref><ref>''E.g.'', Lefcoe, George, "The Regulation of Superstores: The Legality of Zoning Ordinances Emerging from the Skirmishes between Wal-Mart and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union" (April 2005). USC Law, Legal Studies Research Paper No. 05-12; and USC Law and Economics Research Paper No. 05-12. Available at {{SSRN|712801}}</ref><ref>{{in lang|de}} [http://www.bmvbs.de/ BMVBS - Startseite]. Bmvbs.de. Retrieved on 2013-07-19.</ref> Exceptions include the [[Town_and_country_planning_in_the_United_Kingdom|United Kingdom]] and the City of [[Houston]].<ref>{{cite web|url=https://kinder.rice.edu/urbanedge/2020/01/09/no-zoning-in-Houston-there-are-workarounds/|title=Houston Doesn't have zoning, but there are workarounds|publisher=Rice Kinder Institute for Urban Research|year=2020}}</ref>
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