Википедија:Завереничке групе — разлика између измена

Завереничке групе се могу поделити на четири главна типа:
* '''Тајне завреничке групе''' — Ова врста завереничких група има ограничен број чланова и њено деловање и постојање је тајно. Циљ оваквих група може бити ометање пројекта, промоција својих чланова на одређене позиције на Википедији, [[Википедија:Позивање на гласање|позивање на гласање]], стварање [[Википедија:Лутак#Меснати луци|меснатих лутака]] или [[Википедија:Штафетирање|штафетирање]], у циљу промоције неког одређеног става на енциклопедији. Иако није доказано колико такве групе заиста имају утицаја на Википедији, оне су стварне, и зна се да неки корисници користе канале ван Википедије као што су ИРЦ, имејл или неки други вебсајтови за координацију акција на Википедији.
*'''Secret cabal''' – This type of cabal is restricted in its membership and secretive about its functions or existence. The aims of such groups may be [[WP:DE|disruption of the project]], promotion of its members to become Wikipedia functionaries, or [[WP:CANVASS|canvassing]] and/or [[WP:MEAT|meatpuppetry]] and/or [[WP:TAGTEAM|tag teaming]], possibly to impress a specific [[WP:NPOV#Bias|point of view]] on the encyclopedia. While [[conspiracy theory|conspiracy theories]] abound about how much influence such groups have over the encyclopedia, social groups are a fact of life, and some users have been known to use off-wiki means ([[IRC]], e-mail, external websites, etc.) to coordinate their actions on-wiki.
*'''Editor cabal''' – This type of cabal went through discussion on Wikipedia. In August 2005, a group was formed called [[WP:ESP|Esperanza]] with the idea of fellowship and strengthening [[WP:LOVE|WikiLove]].<ref>[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2005-09-19/Esperanza_group|Signpost Introducing Esperanza 19/09/05]]</ref> The main concern about Esperanza was that it was bureaucratic and elitist and this was a strong concern when the group was brought to [[WP:MFD|MfD]].<ref>"This highlights a perennial and worrying problem about Esperanza: that they constantly set themselves apart. They say they give Wikipedians hope – but who has any interaction with Esperanza who isn’t Esperanzan? Why is there even a special term for someone who's in Esperanza? This organization ought to be deleted because they’re targeting new and vulnerable users, who then see everything on Wikipedia through green-tinted lenses, and it is not good. It does lead to superiority complexes, regardless of what the front page says. Esperanzans, at least the active ones, see themselves as Esperanzans first and foremost. We have to delete Esperanza for their own good, to show them what Wikipedia is like outside the wall of their sub-culture" (from the [[Wikipedia:Miscellany_for_deletion/Wikipedia:Esperanza|Esperanza MfD]])</ref> In December 2006, the group was disbanded.
*'''Joke cabal''' – Wikipedia is often accused of operating hierarchical cabals which most editors would not know the existence of. To satirize the theory a number of editors formed joke cabals. Some examples are [[WP:BRC|The Bathrobe Cabal]], [[WP:Rouge_admin|The Rouge Admin Cabal]] and [[User:Ryulong/Penguin_Cabal|The Penguin Cabal]]. They can offer light relief to editors especially after periods of heavy editing.