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If multiple citations for the same source are included in the article, and you are using <code><nowiki><ref></nowiki></code> tags, you can [[WP:REFNAME|name the footnote]] to link to the same note repeatedly. To do this, add <code>name="X"</code> to the first <code><nowiki><ref></nowiki></code> tag, so that it looks like this:<code><nowiki><ref name="X"></nowiki></code>.<ref name="Example">Notice how the letters now appear at the left hand side in front of the link. This is because each of these two entries share the same name, in this case "Example", and have been configured to link to one spot to save room.</ref> As before, this will generate a number at the end of the sentence. Replace the "X" with any word to denote which source the computer should jump to when multi-linking like this.<ref name="Example" /> Notice that this method of citing creates the same number for each entry cited with a <nowiki><ref name="X"></nowiki> citation. You can reuse the footnote repeatedly merely by typing the named <code><nowiki><ref></nowiki></code> tag with a slash following the name, like this: <code><nowiki><ref name="X" /></nowiki></code>
==="Reference" and "Note" templates===
This is an older citation method which is still sometimes used for citations and/or for explanatory text. This template creates superscript numbers in a text which, when clicked on, direct the reader to the citation at the bottom of the page.
Both the reference template and the note template consist of two parts: <code><nowiki>{{ref|word reference}}</nowiki></code> and <code><nowiki>{{note|word reference}}</nowiki></code>. If you wish to use these templates then begin by placing the {{ref|}} template in the article where you wish to cite the presented information. After the "<code>|</code>" include a small word reference for the citation; this will tell the computer which link it should jump to when a reader clicks on the article citation.
<nowiki>Here's a working example: to cite the book ''The Navy'', insert a reference tab—'''{{ref|}}'''—at the end of this sentence and place the words </nowiki>"'''Navy1'''"<nowiki> after the vertical line so that it looks like this:</nowiki>'''<nowiki>{{ref|Navy1}}.</nowiki>'''{{ref|Navy1}}<nowiki> Notice how a small number now appears at the end of the previous sentence; this contains the information that will be cited in the reference section. Click on the small number at the end of the previous sentence to continue with the example.</nowiki>
Although the default formatting matches standard [[Wikipedia:Footnotes|<nowiki><ref></nowiki> tags]], it also allows you to use any letter, number of symbol you choose. As a result, this system is popular with people who want to manually number or format the superscripted footnote markers for citations and/or explanatory notes. For example, using this system, you can easily produce a footnote that looks like this {{ref|Navy1|†}} or {{ref|Navy1|''That''}}. For more information about using this method, see [[Template:Ref/doc]].
===Hyperlinking/embedded links===