Корисник:Kaster/контакт — разлика између измена

Замена садржаја странице са „мини|700п|На одмору!
(Замена садржаја странице са „мини|700п|На одмору!“)
[[Слика:Strand Malediven Velidhu Dezember 2005.JPG|мини|500п700п|На вики одмору!]]
[[Слика:MNP Working Elephant.JPG|мини|700п|На послу!]]
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|[mailto:kaster(bla)gmx.net -{kaster(bla)gmx.net}-]
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|<s>15678832</s> <small>веома ријетко</small>
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| <s>-{kaster(bla)gmx.net}-</s> <small>веома ријетко</small>
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| -{kaster69}-
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| +49 (0)6073 630315
== "-{Black Perl}-" ==
<source lang="perl">
BEFOREHAND: close door, each window & exit; wait until time.
open spellbook, study, read (scan, select, tell us);
write it, print the hex while each watches,
reverse its length, write again;
kill spiders, pop them, chop, split, kill them.
unlink arms, shift, wait & listen (listening, wait),
sort the flock (then, warn the "goats" & kill the "sheep");
kill them, dump qualms, shift moralities,
values aside, each one;
die sheep! die to reverse the system
you accept (reject, respect);
next step,
kill the next sacrifice, each sacrifice,
wait, redo ritual until "all the spirits are pleased";
do it ("as they say").
do it(*everyone***must***participate***in***forbidden**s*e*x*).
return last victim; package body;
exit crypt (time, times & "half a time") & close it,
select (quickly) & warn your next victim;
AFTERWORDS: tell nobody.
wait, wait until time;
wait until next year, next decade;
sleep, sleep, die yourself,
die at last
# Larry Wall