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За the templates that display text in a colored box, погледајте {{Divbox}} or Template:Mbox templates see also.


Шаблон:Format TemplateData

Visual effect Markup
  {{color box|Green}}
 Default color for this text  {{color box|Yellow|Default color for this text}}
 Default color for this text  {{color box|Blue|Default color for this text}}
 Using X11 color names  {{color box|SteelBlue|'''Using X11 color names'''|Gold}}
 Using RGB hex triplets  {{color box|#012345|''Using RGB hex triplet''|#FEDCBA}}
 Red  {{color box|Yellow|Red|#f00|border=#f00}}
 bordercolor like wikitable  {{color box|white|bordercolor like wikitable|border=#A2A9B1}}


Template Description Example
{{Color box}} a small color box with black borders and text color   or  ORANGE 
{{Color box striped}} a striped version Шаблон:Color box striped
{{RouteBox}} a borderless version with text color and wikilinks  ORANGE 
{{Colorbull}} a colored bullet with wikilinks
{{Legend2}} another borderless version       
{{Color sample}} a small color box with black borders
{{Swatch inline}} Шаблон:Swatch inline
{{Background color}} orange
{{Rail color box}} a version with more display options
(part of Module:Adjacent stations)
Шаблон:Rcb, Шаблон:Rcb, etc.
{{Diagonal split color box}} a small color box split diagonally Шаблон:Diagonal split color box, etc.
{{Motor type}} A small color box corresponding to the motor type Шаблон:Motor type, etc.

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