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This template is an abbreviated form of {{convert}}, with default option "abbr=on" to show unit symbols (abbreviated). Cvt is intended for use where many conversions are needed, such as in a table. The abbreviated form allows numerous, repeated uses without cluttering the markup for the page.

{{cvt}} supports all major options of {{convert}}, including to reset option abbr=off (or abbr=none, in/out, comma, or abbr=values) and lk=on (or lk=in, lk=out), adj=on (or adj=mid|xxxx), and disp=flip, "disp=x| or", "disp=x|/" and "disp=x|<|>" plus other options.

Essentially, {{cvt}} is equivalent to {{convert|abbr=on}} but is 12 characters shorter:

{{convert|4|km|abbr=on}} → 4 km (2,5 mi)
{{cvt|4|km}} → 4 km (2,5 mi)
{{cvt|9|m|ft|disp=x| or }} → 9 m or 30 ft

For full documentation, with more examples, see:Template:Convert/doc.

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