Hello and welcome to the Serbian Wikipedia project. I hope you'll find it comfortable editing here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Cheers, филип 23:20, 6. јун 2007. (CEST)Одговори[одговори]

Spomenicaš уреди

Hello. Корисник:Spomenicaš is a bot for adding "spomenice" - our version of barnstars that, in this case, reward every editor that has made more than 10 edits. The percentage shows how many edits you have out of the next biggest "landmark" number (e.g. you have 42% out of 100 edits, meaning that you were rewarded for your 42 edits here). The bot was thought out by the community, it was written and made by Корисник:Rainman and it is run by me every once in a while. --филип 23:52, 10. јул 2007. (CEST)Одговори[одговори]

Thanks for your answer. Things are a little bit clearer now! :-) --Darev 14:38, 11. јул 2007. (CEST)Одговори[одговори]